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No Money Less Problems: How To Be Healthy And Frugal

Seeing as how most of us are working with a significantly more primitive budget, I figured I’d make a point to highlight the key ways to live a healthier lifestyle while on a tight budget.

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10 Unique Ways to Decoupage a Table

Whether you want to update the look of your old table or thrift store find, or you simply want to add a …

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Basil Cream Cheese Dip

Looking for a quick appetizer to whip up for dinner parties and barbecues this summer ? This dip an easy go-to starter, especially in the summer …

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3 Ways to Avoid Discouragement During Debt Payoff

If you’re feeling much too overwhelmed to face your financial situation, I’m here to tell you that you can get out of debt, but if you’re going to succeed, you’d better prepare yourself right now …

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Make your own Strawberry Lemonade

Here’s a simple thing to do with the last bedraggled strawberries you might have. And isn’t it funny there are always a few that get left behind?

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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Finances Right Now

Today, I’m going to share seven things you can do in just 15 minutes each that will have a marked impact on your finances.

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How Serious Are You About Early Retirement? (Pop Quiz)

Let’s have a little fun today about a “serious” topic. Today’s quiz will be – How serious are you about Early Retirement?

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13 Painless Ways To Stick To A Budget, Even If You Suck At Saving Money

Even though I’m sure you’ve tried everything you can think of to save money, there are definitely some surefire ways to pinch your pennies …

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Discount Diva: Being frugal just feels good

Making your own Christmas presents. Darning socks. Getting the very last drop of shampoo out of the bottle. It doesn’t matter if you’re Richie Rich or Bobby Broke: If you’re a frugal person …

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Eight ways to prepare for a frugal summer

I began thinking of other ways we can prepare now for a frugal summer down the road. Here’s what I came up with …

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